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Limited edition vinyl lp 180g
The Doors (1st lp)  SVLP 011
Strange days  LPZ 2045
Waiting for the sun  LPZ 2049
The best of the Doors: Elek 42143
Strange days  42016
The Doors 1st lp   42012
LA Woman   42090
Morrison hotel 415
Greatest hits  52254
Waiting for the sun  422
El duce paseo L WE -5057
Absolutamente en vivo (double) Gamma GWEA-5045/6
The best of the Doors vol:1 LWE 6669
Greatest hits   LWE 6001
Live at the Hollywood bowl  LWE 6638
The Doors musica original de la pelicula  LPXE-7066
Una oracion Americana  LDWE 6488
Morrison Hotel Mono  Epic CBS 210.401
Esta vivo grito ella SLIN 3460
En vivo! vol1 (different back cover) Epic 10404
Primeras grabaciones (double) Hispa vox rec  500 71/72 s  (2 copies)
The Doors (1st lp) different back cover  42012
The soft parade   42079
LA Woman Hispa vox HKS 541-08
Primeras grabaciones (double) Hispa vox 500 71/72 s
Otras Voces  HKS 541-12
An American Prayer (lyrics in spanish)   S90.099
The Doors (1st lp) different back cover  EKS 74007
The Soft parade  EKS 75005
LA Woman (different cover) 42090
Greatest hits   BAN 52254
Absolutely live K 62005
Super Deluxe  SWX 10022
Greatest hits  with obi P-10936E
Other voices SWG 7547
Absolutely live  (double) SJET 8274/5
Alive she cried Promo with obi  P 11430
Weird scenes inside the goldmine   SJET 9519/20
The Doors soundtrack  E1-61047
An American prayer  P-10504E
The DOORS (1st lp) Mono EKL 4007
The best of (Quadradisc) EQ 5035
Waiting for the sun  EKS 74024  (2 copies)
The soft parade  EKS-75005
LA Woman original window cover EKS 75011
The best Of   6E 5035
An American prayer  Promo 5E-502
Strange days  EKS 74014
Morrison hotel  EKS 75007
The Doors (1st LP)   EKS 74007
Morrison Hotel serie basica (Brazil only) ELEK 00929
Absolutely live 32087/8
The Doors (1st lp) Vogue: CLVLXEK 198
The best of (limited edition  2000)  7559-62558-1
2 originals of ELK 62013
Star collection vol 1: MID 22001
star collection vol 2: MID 22008
Alive she cried  96-0269-1   (2 copies)
Greatest hits:  ELK 52254
Waiting for the sun  vogue CLVLXEK 277
LA Woman original window cover  K42090
Classics 960 417-1
Absolutely live EKS 90002
Morrison Hotel Vogue  SLVLXEK 497
The soft parade EKS 75005
LA Woman EKS 75011
Full Circle   ELK 42116
An American prayer rereleased  WE 394
An American prayer WE 351
In concert WE 384
Live at the Hollywood bowl  9 60741-1
La legende des Doors  WE 334
LA Woman EKS 75011
Alive she cried  1261
The best of  vol 1:   ABS 517 RV
The best of  vol 2:   ABS 518 RV
Only Russia C60 26467 007
LA Woman   no n°
Waiting for the sun   no n°
The Doors 1st lp  different cover Taedo KG 1534
Strange Days: 7559 74014
Waiting for the sun: 7559 74024
The soft parade  7559 60674
LA woman  7559 75011
Morrison Hotel (TWEN only Germany different cover) EKS 75007
Weird Scenes inside the Gold mine (double) ELK 62009
The doors (1st lp) EKS 74007
Live at the Hollywood bowl   Promo  960741-1
Star collection Vol 1 + 2  Only Holland release ELK 62024
Morrison hotel ELE 42080
An American prayer   52111
The Doors (1st lp) Suzy rec 42012
Greatest hits  Suprephon rec   1113 3773 ZD
Greatest hits   LP 85008
Live at the Hollywood bowl  96 07411
The best of   EKD 11410
The end/Delta (limited edition) ELK 22032
Love me two times/Moonlight drive Promo EAOR 4955 (2 copies)
Light my fire LP version/Light my fire edit of live version Promo ED 5245
Gloria clean edit/Gloria dirty LP version Promo EAOR 4942
The unknown soldier Vietnams veterans memorial Promo PR 8001
Break on through, love street/ Hello i love you, touch me  EKR 121 T
Gloria/Love me two times E9774T
Light my fire/ People are strange, soul kitchen EKR 125T
Same with poster EKR 125 TW
Riders on the storm/Roadhouse blues live, Love me two times live  EKR 131 TW
Reel to Reels:
Morrison Hotel US X5007
8-Tracks: All US
Strange Days ET-84014
Morrison Hotel M85007
LA Woman ET-85011
Greatest Hits 5T8 515
The Best of ET-85035
The Doors Total Rock review (documentary) STB 2178
Absolutely live outtakes  TD1970
Riders on the storm 2000 the remixes  Promo  PRO 2053
The Doors Los que Triunfaron (Spain) Pacific music CDP 1079
Jim Morrison the ultimate collected spoken words 1967/70  OZITCD 0025 (double)

Tribute cd's:
A tribute by studio 99 Italy GFS 428
A tribute to the Doors 2001 presented by out of Phase  BIG 4173-2
Living in the dead zone: Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison by Gerald A. and Ralph M.Faris
Ist Books 1997

 Singles & EP
Love me two times/Moonlight drive vogue fashion int 80120
Light my fire/Hello, i love you série Chouchou 12108
Tightrope ride/Variety is the spice of life Kinney Filipacchi 12036
Riders on the storm/The mosquito  Filipacchi  12323
The end/Delta  12400
The mosquito/It sleep my mind Filipacchi 12072
Easy ride/Tell all the people  Vogue série fashion    INT  80193
Wishful sinful/Who scared you Vogue série fashion   INT 80177
Love her madly/Don't go no further Kinney Filipacchi  12011  (2 copies)
Touch me/Wild child  Vogue série fashion INT 80161
Get up and dance/Treetrunk   Filipacchi  12059
Roadhouse blues/Waiting for the sun   Vogue  Int80222
Hello, i love you/Love street  Vogue Fashion  Int 80136
People are strange/unhappy girl    Vogue fashion  Int  80104
Running blue/Do it   Vogue Int 80212
Light my fire/Love me two times  WE 171
Break on through/Love street  EKR 121
Light my fire/The crystal ship  Vogue  juke box  INT 80096
Hello, i love you/Love street  Vogue juke box   INT 80136
Light my fire/Crystal ship  test pressing  12400
Wishful sinful/Who scared you Metronome J27020
Wild child/Touch me  Metronome J27001
Love her madly/(you need meat)don't go no further   Metronome J27083
Tell all the people/Easy ride    Metronome J27.029
Love me two times/Moonlight drive    Metronome  J45-764
Hello, i love you/Love street  Metronome  J 779
People are strange/Unhappy girl   Metronome J45-762
The unknown soldier/We could be so good together  Metronome J45774
Light my fire/The crystal ship  Metronome  J-45788
Light my fire/The crystal ship Metronome J-788
Light my fire/The crystal ship  HIT-TON  HT 300112
Touch me / wild child  Metronome  J27001
Wishful Sinful/Who scared you  Metronome J27020
Tell all the people/Easy ride  Metronome J27029
Runnin' blue/Do it   Metronome  J27035
You make me real/Roadhouse blues  Metronome J 27056
Love her madly/Don't go no further 12011
Riders on the storm (edit)/Love me two times (live) EKR 131
Gloria/Moonlight drive  96.9770-7-N
Hello, i love you/Love street    Metronome J779
Love me two times/Moonlight drive  Metronome J764
Riders on the storm/The end   Oldie Thek   969 382-7
The Mosquito/Riders on the storm Original oldies  Elk 12 323
Tightrope ride/Variety is the spice of life   ELK  12036
The mosquito/It slipped my mind ELK 12072  (2 copies)
Light my fire/People are strange EKR 125
Get up and dance/Treetrunk  ELK 12059
The piano bird/Good rockin'   ELK 12091  (2 copies)
Riders on the storm/Changeling   ELK 12021   2 different covers with same n°
Light my fire live/Roadhouse blues  969-455-7
Ship w/sails / In the eye of the sun   ELK 12048

Tell all the people/Easy ride   Vedette VRN 34095
Love street/Hello,i love you    Vedette VRN  34087
The unknown soldier/We could be so good together  Vedette VRN 34086
People are strange/Unhappy girl   Vedette VRN 34084
Runnin'blue/Do it  Vedette VRN 34098
Love her madly/Don't go no further  EKS 45726
Touch me / Wild child  Vedette VRN 34091
Light my fire/The crystal ship  Vedette  VRN 34081
Roadhouse blues/Land ho!   Vedette  VRN 34107
Love me two times/Moonlight drive Vedette VRN 34085
Wishful sinful/Who scared you  Vedette  VRN 34093
Hello, i love you  Promo Vedette  VRN 34089
Amala locamente/necesitas carne (no sigas)  Hispa vox H721
Light my fire/Light my fire  Promo 1383
El mosquito/Levantate y baila   Promo Hispa Vox CP 155
El mosquito/Levantate y baila  Hispa Vox  HS867
Jinetes en la tormenta/Changeling  Hispa Vox  H749
Touch me/Wild child  EK 45646
Tu me haces vivir/Blues de la posada  CBS 5003
El mosquito/Levantate y baila  Hispano vox  HS867 (only the cover)
Amala locamente/Necesitas carne  Hispa vox Promo  CP-104  ( 2 copies)
Amala locamente/Necesitas carne  Hispa vox  H 721
Golden Doors vol:2
Touch me, tell all the people/ Runnin'blue,Wishful sinful, Wild child  SWG 88
Touch me, Wild child/Horse latitude, My wild love SJET 528
Light my fire/The crystal ship JET_1778
Hello i love you, Love street/The unknown soldier, we could be so good together
Golden album  SWG-64
Love me two times/Gloria P1839
Touch me/People are strange  Mark 45    P-2587E
Light my fire/Hello,i love you   mark 45   P-2586E
Hello, i love you/Light my fire    Sjet-1129
Land ho!/you make me real  Jet 1966
Hello, i love you/Love street Jet 1857
Tell all the people/Easy ride  JET-1909
Riders on the storm/Changeling Jet 2070
Touch me/Wild child JET-1880
The end/Delta  P-496E
Light my fire/Hello, i love you   P-1523E
The Doors hits: Love her madly, Riders on the storm/Touch me, light my fire   EPE230
Love her madly/You need meat N-57-5
Touch me, Spanish caravan/Wild child, My wild love   64OO7
People are strange/Not to touch the earth    Promo  ELE 12527
The moquito/It slipped my mind   N-57-18
El dulce paseo/Blues de shaman, Dile a toda la gente   Gamma GX 07-799
13: Interpuesto, El soldado desconocido/Amame dos veces, Tocame  Gamma GX 07-721 (2 copies)
Enciende mi fuego/El hombre de la puerta de atras, Hola te amo   Gamma  GX 07-727
Jinetes en la tormenta, Changeling/La cancion de alabama, El hombre de la puerta de atras, El amor se esconde   Gamma  GX 07-728
El mosquito/Buen ritmo, Parate y baila Gamma GX  07-773
Cocina con alma,La calle del amor/Amor de invierno, Cinco a uno Gamma GX 07-741
People are strange/Not to touch the earth  E-47097
Tocame,nina salvaje/Cambialo,el fin de la noche  EPE 1544
Interpuesto, Alma de cocinero/Pecador Ansioso, Quien te asusto    EPE 1597
Enciende mi fuego, El barco de cristal/La gente es rara, paseo a la luz de la luna   EPE 1486
Volumen 2: Hola, te Quiero , calle del amor/  El soldado desconocido, àmame dos veces  EPE-1487

Light my fire/The crystal ship  Vogue HV 2097
Tightrope ride/Variety is the spice of life  12036
Love her madly/(you need meat) don't go no further  EKS 45726
Touch me/Wild child   EK  45646
The mosquito/It slipped my mind   ELK 12072
The piano bird/Good rockin'  ELK 12091
Hello, i love you/Love street   EKS 45635
Hello i love you/Love me two times
Ghost song/Roadhouse blues(live)   Limited edition with 2 discs    K 12215
Riders on the storm/Light my fire  Old gold  OG 9520
Riders on the storm edit/Love me two times live   EKR 131 (2 copies but 1 promo)
Love me two times/Moonlight drive  EKSN 45022
Riders on the storm/Light my fire  old gold OG 9520   juke box
Roadhouse blues/Adagio  Promo  E46005
Love street/Hello, i love you  Promo  EK004
EP: Waiting for the sun: the unknown soldier, Not to touch the earth/Five to one, we could be so good   MTR 277
Break on through, strange days/Back door man, Take it as it comes  MTR 189
Get up and dance  KS 005
The unknown soldier/We could be so good together   EK 45628
Tell all the people/Easy ride EK-45663
People are strange/Not to touch the earth  E-47097
Roadhouse blues/Roadhouse blues  Promo E-46005-A
Roadhouse blues/You make me real  Mono  EKM-45685
Enciende mi fuego/El barco de cristal    Promo   60001B
Touch me/Wild child  Promo EKCS 15002
Hello i love you/Love street  Promo EKCS 15000
Riders on the storm/Hello i love you, love me two times    Promo   SAM  272